Procedures are what protect warehouse employees from injury and owners from damages. Warehouse striping is critical to the smooth and safe operation of many warehouses, and Morgan Contractors installs the high visibility paints and sealants that guide workers toward safe operations. Shot blasting properly prepares surfaces and protects our workers (and yours) from the dangers of particulate contaminants.

Before any labor takes place, we first double check our measurements and what the client actually needs. During this time, we double check the blueprints to make sure they match up with the warehouse and are appropriately drawn. Once verified, we walk through the entire process with a supervisor from the client’s team who makes sure that we’re following the necessary procedures for their specific facility or industry. Once confirmed, we make sure the area is safe for pedestrians or passersby, including placement of appropriate warnings, and set up the equipment to begin the stripe removal and / or cleaning processes.

Shot Blasting Services

Shot blasting is the first step of our warehouse pavement striping process. The shot blaster fires steel abrasive materials powered by compressed air onto the surface to be striped. This has the effect of the removing all surface materials, including contaminants (organic and inorganic), paints and any other materials. The blaster then uses a special magnet to continuously gather the shot back into its hopper and a vacuum to gather particulates, meaning that it leaves no mess whatsoever and no dangerous dusts. We carefully use the shot blaster on a 6 inch section to ensure that the surface is truly clear of all debris. Appropriately preparing the surface means that paint will adhere and last longer over time.

Painting is then undertaken. Using appropriate equipment and the specified paint materials, striping is applied according to the blueprints and allowed to dry. The final coat is a poly sealant applied to the entire 6 inch stripe protecting all new paint from dirt, tire marks and forklift wear and tear. Following this, we have a final inspection with the appropriate parties before calling the job complete.

From start to finish, our warehouse striping jobs usually take between two and three days. This time varies based on the size of the facility’s operations and other special requirements as set forth by the client. Right now, we work with facilities small and large, that include both local, one-off warehouses and facilities for entire nationally-recognized brands.