Every day, highway and utility workers put their lives at risk going to work on bustling, traffic-laden streets and highways. Morgan Contractors strives to protect the lives of these workers with its ATSSA certified team members providing traffic control solutions for road works.

When working on active roadways, a certified ATSSA safety manager must be present when setting up or taking down a construction zone. We provide the necessary signage, equipment (like barrels and cones) and crew to ensure a safe and efficient transition from open road to construction restricted road. We make the same commitment to safety and quickness when we take down a zone as well.

Safety Is Very Important To Us

Morgan Contractors takes the responsibility of road safety seriously, and there is no time more dangerous to highway workers than during the setup and take down of a construction zone. Our experience and certifications keep workers safe, keep cities and businesses compliant with the law and help the community as a whole moving even during construction.