Roadway Markings Kansas City

Morgan Contractors

Roadway markings are a significant part of everyday life. These lines guide drivers safely through the chaos of traffic, even at high speed. Pavement markings let drivers know where to stop, when to merge and when a turn can be safely executed. In short, these markings keep drivers safe and keep traffic flowing.

Retro-Reflection Materials Keeping Roads Safe

Retro-reflection is one of the most important qualities of modern roadway markings. By adding refractive elements to the marking materials, the lines show brightly at night in the glow of street lights and headlights. This quality can be added to many types of marking materials including paints, thermoplastics and others.

Morgan Contractors delivers the latest in industry innovation to its clients. Our teams install advanced paving making technologies throughout the Kansas City using specialized equipment and industry knowledge. From refractive elements that still show brightly in rain, to polymer resin marking materials that will outlast the road they’re on, Morgan Contractors is on the leading edge of innovation in road safety.

Roadway markings