Morgan Contractors focuses on making the roads safe for drivers. Parking lot striping is an essential driving aid on parking lots, city streets and highways alike. We have worked with organizations as large as the federal government and as small as the local convenience store. Wherever pavement striping are necessary, we are there to get them in place.

What else can we do to make our parking lot look better?

Custom Stencil Design

Custom Stencil Design

We offer both painting services and thermoplastic installation. Coupled with our ATSSA certification for safety, we are able to set up construction zones where we manage traffic, safety and markings installation simultaneously. We can handle an entire installation or just a part of it. Some of our clients use our services as safety coordinator while letting their team handle the actual installation.

We have the machinery and manpower to paint, install thermoplastic with glass beads or preformed thermoplastic with glass beads, and to apply preformed polymer tape for crosswalks and other such crossings. Whether it’s a new project or an update to repair a road or parking lot, Morgan Contractors installs the markings you need.

We install various types of pavement markings like traffic paint and warehouse traffic paint. Our durable pavement markings include thermoplastic, preformed thermoplastic, stranded polymer tapes and liquid polymer applications, with the ability to make all of those applications shine bright at night with reflector qualities. There are many more options available when it comes to parking lot striping.